Thanksgiving, a Time For Overdoing Everything

As a self proclaimed chef, I look forward to the holidays. I scour the internet, my cookbooks, magazines I’ve saved, recipes I’ve written, etc. I definitely have an idea of how I want my Thanksgiving to look. I work a full time (during the holidays, it’s over time) job and have three kids at home….


Food can evoke so many feelings, emotions, senses, and memories. I’ve been missing my Nan, terribly. It must be the time of year. She loved fall and winter and all the holidays that those seasons hold. Nan was a master baker and an amazing chef. One dish that I would call Nan’s signature dish, would…

I’m Back and Better Than Ever

While I’ve been away, a lot has changed. I’ve switched careers. This once SPED teacher now is a Cheese Master for Murray’s Cheese! The last two years have been a wild and cheesy ride. I’m blessed to be working for Fred Meyer and with Murray’s. Running a cheese shop is pretty darn amazing. Plus, I’m…

New Beginnings

I’m Starting Over I’ve been absent from this blog for quite some time. I’m feeling reinvigorated and inspired. I hope you join me on my foodie journey and learn some new things along the way!!!